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My work explores the process of capturing and observing the singularity of form in a state of transformation through filtered illumination. My process includes the use of traditional techniques in a contemporary way, working with the reflection of an image, and handmade dry plates using custom-made photographic apparatus by master Haruhisa Terasaki.


I investigate the psychology of light and the passage of time seeking to restore lost connections in the company of unanimated objects. It becomes a self-reflection on memory, history, rite of time, narrative emotional states, and liminality, it has made it possible to communicate what cannot be otherwise communicated.

I am interested in the unlimited possibilities that coexist in the mystery of form and shadow under the flux of the daylight cycle, especially around states of twilight.
The interplay of dark and light in this way draws up primordial qualities.

A singular object: a pearl a shell or a flower takes on a new symbolism: a perfection, divinity wholeness and the shadow of subconscious.

I am interested in these symbolic archetypes, in a contemporary context.
The reflective qualities of the pearl and shell allow unique and multiple interplays with the light, transforming the object into something else, and suspending them in this liminal space.